Mt.Fuji 7-17-2014 & Marine Day

Mt.Fuji 7-17-2014 on Flickr

Mt.Fuji in Shizuoka Japan.
Taken: 7/17/2014 7:03am.
the mountain hasn’t appeared since then.

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Marine Day – Umi no Hi

Tomorrow July 21st is Marine Day, National holiday in Japan.

Marine Day (海の日 Umi no Hi), also known as “Ocean Day” or “Sea Day”, is a Japanese national holiday celebrated on the third Monday in July. The purpose of the holiday is to give thanks to the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan as an island nation. Many people take advantage of the holiday and summer weather to take a beach trip. Other ocean-related festivities are observed as well.

Cited from Marine Day – wiki

Most people are having a 3 day weekend from yesterday (Saturday), but mine is a regular weekend. Tomorrow is a working day, woohoo! X(

Three day weekend in Japanese

三連休 San ren kyu さんれんきゅう

  • 三 さん San – three
  • 連 れん ren – consecutive
  • 休 きゅう kyu – holiday

Have a great weekend all!

I wast to go to this beautiful beach in Okinawa!
Kondoi Coral Beach – Taketomi Island, Okinawa, Japan
Tropical paradise found in southern Japan
by Ippei & Janine Naoi, on Flickr

Japanese JPN

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